Toro Debuts Steering-Wheel Z Mower, Stand-On Sprayer at GIE+EXPO 2014

Toro's TimeCutter zero-turn mower now offered with steering wheel; stand-on sprayer/spreader designed for easy one-handed steering.

Toro TimeCutter zero-turn mower with steering wheel configuration
Toro TimeCutter zero-turn mower with steering wheel configuration

Toro made several big product announcements at GIE+EXPO 2014.

Steering-wheel zero-turn mower. The new TimeCutter zero-turn mower for consumers features a steering wheel as opposed to dual levers. Five models are being offered through select Home Depot stores and Toro independent servicing dealers. The mowers feature premium Toro engines, the Smart Park braking system, an adjustable steering column, and a 10-gauge frame.

The Smart Park braking system allows operators to get out of the seat without having to shut the entire mower down. When an operator leaves the seat, the deck automatically powers down and the brake is automatically engaged, but the engine continues running. To release the brake once back on the mower, the operator simply taps on the pedal.

The premium Toro V-twin engines are rated at 708cc and 22 hp. "The torque curve has been specifically matched to the needs of the mower's deck," Erickson adds.

Stand-on sprayer/spreader. Toro's new stand-on sprayer/spreader features unique operator controls. All steering is done with one hand, leaving the other free to make spraying/spreading adjustments on the fly. The sprayer/spreader also features a 35.5-inch width, 20-gallon spray tank, 175-pound hopper, 5.5-mph max speed, and 1.59-gallon fuel tank.

In other Toro GIE+EXPO 2014 news, the company has launched a new line of utility vehicles. Additionally, Toro is introducing a new all-wheel-drive, personal pace recycler mower. "This mower is really ideal for hilly or wet terrain, and really tough grass types," Toro's Wade Tollison explains. "It's also an ideal mower for those who are looking for an easier time when mowing. It's easier to maneuver and lighter."