Exmark Shows Innovative Concepts of Future Mowers at GIE+EXPO 2021

Heading in the direction of autonomy, Exmark also unveiled its 2022 product line including a new 144 in. Lazer Z Diesel, a new Vertex S-Series stand-on and a Vanguard Oil Guard-equipped Lazer Z X model

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Exmark  is working to develop a number of future technologies, including electric, robotic and autonomous commercial mowers. The company unveiled an early prototype of its robotic mower concept, and showed prototypes of autonomous and electric mower models at  GIE+EXPO.

Exmark also unveiled its 2022 product line at the show. New introductions include a new 144 in. Lazer Z Diesel and all-new Vertex S-Series stand-on , as well as a Vanguard Oil Guard-equipped Lazer Z X-Series  and a new, version of the Radius X-Series.

According to Exmark General Manager, Daryn Walters, the company is showing the future models aside its current line to demonstrate its commitment to innovation, and to raising the bar for landscape maintenance professionals today, tomorrow, and into the future.

“Whether it’s the next evolution of an established product, or the development of innovative new products from the ground-up, we’re committed to giving our customers tools that deliver a competitive advantage,” Walters said. “Consistently raising the bar for landscape professionals has been a cornerstone of the Exmark brand since its beginning, more than 40 years ago.”

Walters said that Exmark, both as a brand and as a company, is focused on developing relevant technology for its customers.

“When the technology is ready and the timing is right for the commercial marketplace, Exmark will be ready,” Walters said. “As an industry, we’re still working to fully understand where autonomous and robotic equipment fit into the equation for landscape professionals.”

Walters said many questions remain to be answered when it comes to commercial robotic mowers. He cautioned that the prototype shown at GIE+EXPO is still at an early stage, and that the form factor could change significantly by the time it reaches production at some point in the future. Despite the unanswered questions, he said the potential for robotic mower technology is too great to ignore.

“We see a big future for autonomous and robotic mowers in the commercial marketplace,” Walters said. “We’re excited for what the future holds, and are prepared to give our customers the tools they need to succeed.

“Just like our customers, at Exmark, we’re built for this.”

Ex22 Vertex In Use 4 (1)Exmark Manufacturing

Vertex S-Series

The company's next generation of stand-on zero turn mowers, the Vertex S-Series, gives landscape maintenance professionals a highly productive, versatile, and easy to use mower they can rely on to perform every day.

Jamie Briggs, Exmark director of marketing said the Vertex S-Series offers the features the company’s customers said were most important in a stand-on zero-turn mower.

“Versatility, maneuverability and ease of use are a few of the key reasons more landscape pros are choosing stand-on mowers,” Briggs said. “The Vertex S-Series delivers in each of these areas. Every detail was considered, researched and exhaustively tested to deliver the performance our customers expect from an Exmark mower.”

Vertex S-Series models feature Exmark’s UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks in a choice of 48, 52, or 60 in. cut widths. The UltraCut Series 4 cutting decks feature flow control baffles to optimize air and clipping flow through the deck. The available Micro Mulch system further enhances the versatility of the UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck.

A single-point deck lift enables easy, tools-free changes to cut height. The rod-style floating deck offers easy rake adjustment, with anti-scalp rollers for a consistently superior cut quality on any turf type. 

Exmark designed the Vertex S-Series with the heaviest components, including the engine and hydro drive system, lower in the frame for increased stability, maneuverability, and traction in any terrain. An ergonomic control panel places all vital controls close for easy reach and operation. Briggs says the large, open platform offers more room for the operator to adjust their stance, providing even greater operator comfort.

The Vertex S-Series includes several features designed to reduce and ease the required maintenance, with no in-season grease points, a single belt drive system and tools-free access to hydro drive components. Exmark Series 4 cutter housings feature maintenance-free sealed bearings, and the company’s patented spherical idler bearings require only annual lubrication. Sealed bearing caster wheels and forks work with Exmark’s flat-free semi-pneumatic front tires to deliver maximum reliability and durability.

2022 Vertex S-Series models are available with a choice of carbureted Kawasaki FX730V, or fuel saving EFI Kohler Command Pro ECV740 commercial engines. Exmark’s proven hydro drive system delivers infinitely variable ground speeds of up to 8.5 mph, enabling the Vertex S-Series to make quick work of large jobs.

Ex22 Lazer Z Diesel 144 In Use 1Exmark Manufacturing144 in. Lazer Z Diesel

Capable of cutting up to 11.5 acres per hour, Exmarks' new 144-in. deck Lazer Z Diesel sets a new standard for zero-turn productivity and addressing the ongoing labor shortages.

Exmark Product Manager, Lenny Mangnall says the machine’s increased productivity can replace up to three 72 in. mowers and operators.

“Whether they’re looking to make more money, or simply finish mowing faster, our customers are always looking for ways to empower each worker to do more,” Mangnall said. “The new 144 in. Lazer Z Diesel is built to give these users the speed and capacity to finish jobs quicker, with less effort than ever before.”

The new Lazer Z Diesel features a 144 in. UltraCut rear discharge flexwing cutting deck, which pairs a 48-inch center deck with two 48 in. wing decks. Capable of articulating 20-degrees up and 15-degrees down, the floating wing decks minimize scalping while enabling maximum productivity when mowing in uneven conditions. The deck uses six matching blades and a rear discharge design to deliver maximum productivity and cut quality.

To ease transport, both wing decks fold hydraulically to ease loading and unloading, and reduce required trailering space. This enables the 144 in. Lazer Z Diesel to fit on industry-standard trailers that are designed for 72 in. machines.

Powering the 144 in. Lazer Z Diesel is a 43.5 hp Yanmar three-cylinder diesel engine. Equipped with common rail fuel injection and a turbo charger, the engine delivers the torque necessary to power through the toughest cutting conditions without compromising speed or cut quality. Dual variable-speed fans increase speed as engine temperature rises to keep the engine cool, and the fans reverse at set intervals to loosen any debris build up. The fans also tilt out to ease removal of accumulated debris.

The 144 in. Lazer Z Diesel features a two-speed drive mechanism. The low range (0-10 mph) provides maximum torque and mower control, while the high range provides a top speed of up to 17 mph, ideal for transport. The transmission is directly coupled to the engine without drive belts, for a more efficient, robust drivetrain that significantly reduces service and maintenance requirements. This maximizes uptime and delivers a lower total cost of ownership when compared to other commercial zero-turn mowers.

Operator comfort was a primary consideration for Exmark in the development of the 144 in. Lazer Z Diesel. Isolation mounts under the seat base and footrest, and within the motion control system, provide three-dimensional isolation from vibration transmitted through the mower frame. Exmark’s new 4 in. travel full-suspension operator seat features a scissor link ball-bearing suspension system, Elastomeric Vibration Control (EVC) stretch fabric base and custom seat cushion foam. The combination delivers the comfort operators need to maintain a high level of productivity throughout the day.

The Lazer Z Diesel is also available in 60, 72 and 96 in. models. Each includes Exmark’s industry-leading 5-year/1,500 hour warranty, with no hour limitations in the first two years.

Ex22 Lazer Z X Series Oil Guard In Use 1Exmark Manufacturing

Lazer Z X with Oil Guard

The latest models of Exmark’s Lazer Z X-Series is equipped with Vanguard’s Oil Guard system, extending oil change intervals to 500 hours, saving up to 60 percent on oil-related maintenance costs over the life of the mower.

The new Lazer Z X-Series models are powered by the Vanguard BIG BLOCK 37 HP EFI 993 V-Twin engine with Oil Guard. Designed from the ground up as a commercial mower engine, the Vanguard BIG BLOCK engine features heavy-duty cyclonic air filtration. The electronic fuel injection (EFI) ensures consistent engine performance in any conditions, while also reducing overall fuel consumption.

“We’re always looking for ways to reduce the maintenance our mowers need to perform optimally, especially during the peak mowing season,” Briggs said. “The Vanguard Oil Guard system compliments the durability and low-maintenance we’ve designed into the Lazer Z X-Series mowers. As a result, our customers spend less time maintaining their machines, and stay focused on getting jobs done.”

For 2022, Exmark is offering Vanguard Oil Guard-equipped Lazer Z X-Series mowers with a choice of 60- or 72-inch UltraCut Series 6 side-discharge cutting decks. Both feature Exmark’s exclusive Lazer Z suspension seat for uncompromised comfort in any mowing conditions.

Ex22 Radius X Series In UseExmark Manufacturing

2022 Radius X-Series

Last but not least, Exmark came out with an updated 2022 Radius X-Series powered by a 31 hp Kawasaki twin-cylinder FX921V engine, making it the most powerful Radius model to date.

“Radius models have always offered a compelling combination of productivity, cut quality, durability, and value,” Briggs said. “With more power, the 2022 Radius X-Series better meets the needs of growing landscape contractors with heavy cutting conditions, as well as home and acreage owners with large areas of grass to mow.”

This Radius is equipped with a 60-inch UltraCut Series 4 cutting deck, which features a high-capacity 5.5-inch deep, side-discharge design.

The high-capacity integrated Hydro-Gear drive system offers infinitely variable ground speeds of up to 10 mph. Large caster tires and aggressive 24-inch Kenda drive tires offer increased traction, ground clearance and stability. Also, the 2022 Radius X-Series features a heavy-duty unibody frame that’s fully welded of 2-inch by 3-inch rectangular steel frame tubes for maximum strength and durability. The frame design places the heaviest components, including the engine, fuel tank, and hydro drive system, lower in the frame for improved balance, with increased stability, traction and maneuverability.

An isolated floor pan reduces the vibration and noise felt through the operator’s feet, while Exmark’s deluxe full-suspension operator seat suspends the operator atop three inches of travel. The seat is easy to adjust for different operator sizes and ride quality preferences and features an Elastomeric Vibration Control foam base and plush seat foam to deliver all-day comfort.