Whether for Grass or Snow, AriensCo. Unveiled a Mix of New and Updated Products at GIE+EXPO

With the Gravely and Ariens equipment ranges, AriensCo evolved its products to remain at the forefront of personality, power, durability and comfort for both commercial and residential users.

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At GIE+Expo 2021, AriensCo brought a wide range of lawnmowers and snowblowers that feature the latest enhancements in power, durability, comfort and particularly in 2021, personality.

AriensCo is a true partner to both commercial and residential equipment users and their unique needs. We are putting our design, research and engineering into the sectors of the market that are growing,” said Dan Ariens, chairman and CEO of AriensCo.


Gravely introduced a new stand-on mower, the Z-Stance, which is ideal for landscapers that may be new to the industry. The Z-Stance retains all the quality and durability of a professional mower, including a professional 4-year or 500-hour warranty.

“Stand-on mowers are the fastest growing category in the lawn equipment market. They offer great comfort and visibility on the jobsite for operators,” said Grant Wilson, product director, Gravely commercial. “The new Z-Stance is a professional mower with simplified operations for a more inclusive set of users.”

In addition, after introducing the Pro-Turn EV, spearheading the movement toward electric commercial mowers, Gravely offered some new enhancements that increase the unit’s grass cutting power and diagnostic abilities.Gravely Ev 4

“The Gravely Pro-Turn EV may be new to the landscaping market, but we are continuously looking at ways we can incorporate updates that improve efficiency, reliability and ease-of-use,” Wilson said. “We have enhanced this already cutting-edge electric mower with a new deck design that helps landscapers cut grass more efficiently while increasing its durability.”

Updates were not limited to the commercial users. Recognizing the increase in residential users in the past 18 months, Gravely unveiled a redesigned zero-turn mower lineup and launched the ZT X Stealth two-tone, black-on-black edition, with premium features and distinctive finishes.

“We’re particularly excited and proud to bring these professional-level machines to the show this year,” said Andy Massignan, director of product, residential, at AriensCo. “Homeowners that already love the ZT lineup will be further reassured to see how we bring additional premium features down to residential machines. The limited edition ZT X Stealth black-on-black model has unique attention to detail that will excite those who are paying attention and appreciate a premium, out-of-the-box design concept and a look that speaks for itself.”


On the Ariens side, visitors to GIE+Expo 2021 were among the first to see the Mammoth 850, a unique ride-on multi-attachment vehicle designed for applications that require substantial snow and ice removal operations, including for city use, municipalities, universities and commercial landscaping.Ariens MammothAriensCo.

“With a powerful engine and four-wheel drive steering, operators are able to cover sizeable surface areas much more easily and efficiently than pushing a vehicle. And with several attachments available that utilize our electric quick-connect system, the Mammoth 850 is an incredibly versatile vehicle that can handle a wide array of tasks,” said Stephen Ariens, director of product management, snow, at AriensCo.

New special edition snow blowers also made their debut at the tradeshow and will only be available at Ariens dealerships. These four new snow blowers target a niche in the high-end residential market. Based on the popular Ariens Professional snow blower range, the Kraken Edition, Professional Mountaineering Edition, Professional Alpine Edition and Platinum Great Lakes Edition include several special features that provide an exclusive “custom shop” feel.

“These are special, aspirational models, for the owner who wants a tricked-out, custom machine with all the features and accessories,” Ariens said. “Think of them as being like our version of a platinum truck edition.”

For the Ariens lawn customer, Ariens debuted new updates to its Ikon zero-turn mower range. The standout Ikon Limited special edition model is sure to turn heads, recalling classic 1960s Ariens designs and integrating them with cutting-edge residential mower features.

Ariens Ikon Xd Limited 52AriensCo.“We designed this mower to offer the most comfort available for a residential machine,” Massignan said. “We also honor the authentic heritage of the Ariens brand with a truly unique design that integrates both modern and classic.”

The Ariens Ikon XD was updated for comfort and style, with both visual and functional enhancements, such as an all-new seat base, custom grips and details inspired by power tools and larger tires that flesh out its rugged look and provide a more stable riding experience on the job site.

“Whether it is the classic design that Ariens imagined in the 1960s, or the muscular and rugged look of today’s mowers, Ariens has machines to reflect how you want to feel when you’re tackling the lawn,” Massignan said.