Toro Launches a Revolution on the Green Industry

Toro launched its new Revolution series of battery-powered commercial equipment, the Z Master and the Grandstand Revolution. Every Revolution machine is equipped with patent-pending software in the controls that enables smooth operation.

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The revolution started at GIE+EXPO 2021.

Over the past several years there has been little doubt that battery-powered tools and devices are the future of the green industry. From string trimmers to full-size commercial grade zero turn mowers, manufacturers are taking the next step.

Toro launched its new Revolution series of battery-powered commercial equipment, the Z Master and the Grandstand Revolution.

“The new Z Master Revolution and Grandstand Revolution take two of Toro’s beloved mower platforms and revolutionizes them with battery power that will outlast the sun,” said Chris Vogtman, director of marketing at Toro. “We’re also excited to introduce the new Z Master 7500-D 144”, which helps landscapers make easy work of large amounts of acreage. Plus, all the new equipment comes Horizon360 capable, which is a real advantage for creating business efficiencies.”

Every Revolution machine is equipped with patent-pending software in the controls that enables smooth operation. It also gives operators a chance to customize the machine with adjustable deck rake, drive speed control options and blade tip speed settings.

The Revolution series mowers are powered by Toro’s  HyperCell Power System, delivers all day power and reliability. The Battery Management System (BMS) allows for longer run times and quick charging to maximize productivity. HyperCell is built to run cooler than other power systems, so it can last as long as the sunlight. Ultimately, operators gain efficiencies, cut down on emissions and can complete more jobs with less hassle.Toro Ev Z Master 18765 Front RightToro

Z Master Revolution

Built on Toro’s commercial grade Z Master 4000 series frame and Turbo Force deck, the new Toro Z Master Revolution offers robust battery-powered go-all-day comfort with Toro’s patented MyRIDE suspension system. The suspended operator platform and easy to adjust, personalized ride settings maximize comfort.

Grandstand Revolution

Looking at what’s been developed in the past few years, Toro developed the HyperCell battery system and put it onto the Grandstand platform.

The Toro Grandstand Revolution Stand-On Mower, is a machine designed for high performance, professional lawncare pros focused on optimizing their businesses with the next generation of landscaping equipment. It’s the same ride you’ve come to trust with its space-saving, flip-up platform, only now its powered by Toro’s HyperCell batteries.

The intention of the design is to help reduce cost on gasoline, and maintenance. There are three deck motors and two drive motors, eliminating the belts and pulleys with no engine components that can fail. In addition, the Revolution series produces no emissions and is much quieter than any gas-powered mower.

From a safety standpoint, the mower has speed control settings in seven different increments up to 10 mph. For someone new on the machine, the speed can be set at lower maximum to ensure a safer environment for training.

With a target of all-day mowing, based on conditions, the mower will operate from five to nine hours.

Z Master 7500-D 144

Toro’s Z Master 7500-D is known to keep crew numbers to a minimum and productivity up.  Toro has taken its grass-kicking capacity to a whole other level with a new 144-in. cutting deck.

The new Z Master 7500-D 144 in. adapts to changing terrain on the fly automatically by choosing the right operating mode for the conditions with Toro's Horizon technology. The Horizon onboard intelligence platform enhances the performance of the machine in various mowing conditions, and protects the mower by monitoring engine oil temperature and pressure. You’ll save fuel costs while maintaining top-level performance.

The massive mowing deck can fold its wings up to 83 in. allowing it to fit on most standard trailers. The wings flex up to 20 degrees and down to 15 degrees, which hug the ground as you mow, giving you a pro-quality cut on uneven terrain.

Built to last with a protective engine hood, bullnose bumper, 250 lb. Warner clutch and a 7-gauge deck, the new Z Master 7500-D 144 in. will get the job done for a long time to come.


Each of the new machines come with capability to connect with the Horizon360 software. Toro’s new business software for landscape contractors drives more profits and increases business efficiency and effectiveness.

This all-in-one software suite allows landscape contractors to more effectively track the productivity of their crews and equipment, automate their billing process, and enhance the time management of their businesses.

Horizon360 also offers proof of service, job notes and office notes, real-time equipment tracking and a bi-lingual phone app for managing scheduling, weather events and multiple crews.

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