Contractor-Developed App Helps Reduce Water Usage

Sprinkler Times uses historical weather data to create a monthly watering schedule customized to a given landscape.

Spinkler Times Image

Contractor Tom Del Conte of Del Conte’s Landscaping in Fremont, CA, has developed an app that can help landscape contractors help their customers save water.

Sprinkler Times is an online tool you can use on your computer or smartphone. An initial purchase of the $5.99 app includes one timer with 32 zones. If needed, programs for additional timers can be purchased once inside the program.

According to Del Conte, roughly 97% of the irrigation controllers in the field today are not smart controllers. He estimates that, within the next 10 to 12 years, all controllers will be smart controllers. But until then, a solution is needed.

How it works. To begin populating your Sprinkler Times timer information, enter your zip code—and Sprinkler Times will calculate the average weather data for your precise location based on 20 years of historic weather data.

Next, select the plant type, sprinkler type, soil type and sun exposure for each zone in your yard. If you have identical zones, you have the option to copy information from one zone to another to save time. You also have the option of inserting a photo of each zone next to the zone name for quick identification.

Using this information, Sprinkler Times will generate a monthly watering schedule that is specifically customized for your landscape.