Summer Use of Fertilizer a Growing Concern in Florida

Twelve counties, including Lee, have summertime bans on fertilizer. More than 80 cities, including Marco Island, do, too.

Naples Daily News
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Put three groups of politicians in a room and the fertilizer is likely to get deep. That happened last week in Florida, only not with the kind of fertilizer you’d expect.

Collier County commissioners, Naples City Council members and Marco Island councilors gathered around a table to talk about fertilizer. The kind that comes in bags, and has nitrogen and phosphorous, not the—how shall we say?—organically produced variety.

The thought was that a single ordinance governing the use of fertilizer across the county would make it easier for landscape companies to comply.

But after three hours of sometimes conflicting testimony from scientists and the public, it was clear that a consensus on an ordinance doesn't exist.

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