Pennsylvania Contractor Wins Z-Spray Z-Max Sprayer Spreader

Michael Cianfrani chosen for Dow’s second Defend Your Turf Giveaway at GIE+EXPO 2015.

Michael Cianfrani
Michael Cianfrani

This fall, Dow AgroSciences gave lawn care operators two chances to win state-of-the-art ride-on sprayer spreaders during the Defend Your Turf Giveaway. Michael Cianfrani, the owner of Cianfrani Lawn Care in Havertown, Pennsylvania, just won the Z-Spray Z-Max sprayer spreader.

“I’m a small company looking to grow, and this new equipment will allow me do just that,” Cianfrani says. “I can start treating larger properties and get the product down more efficiently. I definitely think it will open up a lot of new opportunities for me.”

Jason Creel of Alabama Lawn Pros took home a PermaGreen Triumph sprayer spreader in the first drawing Oct. 23 at GIE+Expo in Louisville, Kentucky. Creel also recently started a new business.

“The Triumph will allow me to be faster and much more efficient,” he says. “I’ll be able to get a lot more done throughout the course of a day.”

To get the maximum results with their new ride-on sprayer spreaders, Cianfrani and Creel will each receive a 1-quart bottle of Defendor specialty herbicide. Dow says it's the perfect match to control high-anxiety weeds while spreading their favorite granular preemergent — all in one pass.