Greenworks Commercial 82-V GTL 100 Cultivator

Greenworks introduces its first-ever professional-grade cultivator—the 82-V GTL 100—for smaller commercial gardens.

82 V Cultivator
Greenworks Commercial

Greenworks Commercial's professional-grade cultivator, the 82-V GTL 100, is designed for for smaller commercial gardens and floral growing areas. Features include:

  • 10-inch tilling width
  • 5-inch tilling depth that is optimal for aeration prior to planting and for weed control
  • Lithium-ion battery power
  • Ergonomic bike handles to provide maximum comfort
  • Plastic guard to protect against soil and debris spray while in use.  
  • Brushless motor that affords a longer runtime and extends tool life
  • Reduced noise pollution and the zero emissions
  • Adjustable, removable wheels to facilitate customization for various types of terrains
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