Professional Grass-Seed Company Making Big Return

Landmark Seed is returning as Landmark Turf and Native Seed, placing focus on professional turf, native and reclamation markets.

Five years after selling its turf seed division, Landmark Seed is returning to the professional grass seed industry as Landmark Turf and Native Seed.

The new company, headed by Orlin Reinbold, RJ Schmitt, Ray Brubakken and John Brader, is focused on the development and sales of seed to the professional turf, native and reclamation markets.

Landmark Turf and Native Seed has acquired well-known turfgrass varieties, and has licensed new material from industry-leading turfgrass breeding programs. The company will focus on value-added varieties and service to the golf, sports turf, sod and professional lawn and landscape markets.

The native and reclamation division of Landmark maintained operations after the sale of the turfgrass division. The new organization will continue to lead in the production and marketing of native, reclamation, forage and wildflower seed.   

Landmark will also focus on furthering its relationships with growers and distributors. “I started working with a lot of our growers and distributors 30 years ago,” says Reinbold, “They’re instrumental to where we are today.”

“We are excited to be back in the professional turf seed business,” adds Brubakken, “We are going to build the business around our relationships.”

While Schmitt is relatively new to the seed industry, his financial and banking industry experience brings new dimensions to the rapidly changing seed market.  

Larry Humphries and Wayne Horman have also joined Landmark Turf and Native Seed. “Together, Larry and Wayne bring over 70 years of professional turf seed experience,” explains Brader, a career seedsman and Landmark spokesman. “Larry will lead our sod seed efforts and Wayne will continue to focus on golf, sports and distributor services.”

A new corporate headquarters has been built in Spokane, WA, and a new Landmark Turf and Native Seed website will launch in late February.

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