Mantis Tillers

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Mantis tillers/cultivators can till all types of soil, including sod and hard clay. They feature patented Serpentine (curved) Tines which are guaranteed against breakage for life. Tines spin at 240 rpm and have a 9" tine width, tilling up to 10" deep (3" when reversed for shallow cultivating). Optional attachments are available for all models.

Original 2-Cycle Tiller (pictured)

  • 20 pounds
  • Commercial 2-cycle engine
  • Electronic ignition

Electric Tiller

  • 21 pounds
  • Powerful 120-volt electric motor
  • Quiet electric motor starts instantly

Honda-Powered Tiller

  • 24 pounds
  • Powerful 4-cycle Honda engine
  • Push-button primer for fast, easy starting


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