New Research Shows Benefits of Sustainable Weed Control

Ohio State University study shows strong performance of Fiesta Turf Weed Killer, a mineral-based herbicide that is ideal for spot treatment of broadleaf weeds.

Treatment indicates application volumes (1.25 gal/1,000 square feet) and second application was done on Day 28. Nearly 100% weed control with Fiesta following second application.
Treatment indicates application volumes (1.25 gal/1,000 square feet) and second application was done on Day 28. Nearly 100% weed control with Fiesta following second application.

Most lawn care professionals might not agree that the benefit of going green in the pesticides they use outweighs the risk of ineffective weed control. Yet one of their challenges is balancing their customers’ desire for green or sustainable weed control products without risking efficient and effective weed control. (Download the White Paper.)

Still Kills Weeds. Fiesta Turf Weed Killer*—a selective broadleaf weed, moss and algae killer—helps resolve the green "balancing act" in residential and commercial lawns, rights of way, golf courses, parks, schools and playgrounds. Built upon sustainable practices and with minimal environmental impact, it’s ideal for use in areas where traffic by children, pets and wildlife is likely to occur.

Maintains Compliance. Fiesta also helps lawn care professionals stay ahead of the legislative green trend underway in many states, municipalities and counties where pesticide products face increased regulation and scrutiny. This is especially true in Oregon, where a new state Senate bill takes effect in July 2012 that requires schools to implement Integrated Pest Management programs that encourage the use of safer alternatives to traditional pest management products.

Recent Testing Shows Results. According to Cameron Wilson, Chief Technical Officer/VP of Operations, Neudorff North America, "Fiesta's safety profile compares favorably to many everyday consumer products. Its active ingredient, iron HEDTA, has been used safely as a liquid fertilizer in soil and foliar applications in plants for many years. It's a sustainable product that provides excellent results."

Fiesta has performed extremely well in university studies. In 2011, David Gardner, Associate Professor of Horticulture and Crop Science at Ohio State University, conducted a study of Fiesta for white clover and photographed the fast-acting results over a 24-hour period. See Photo 1 and feel free to download the Fiesta Technical Bulletin.

Gardner’s studies also produced data showing Fiesta's control of dandelion relative to initial field plot cover over 56 days and two applications. Treatment indicates application volumes of 1.25 gal/1,000 square feet; second application was done on Day 28; nearly 100% weed control with Fiesta following second application. See Photo 2.

New EPA Approval. Fiesta continues to demonstrate its effectiveness. EPA has approved a supplemental label** for Fiesta this year with the following primary changes:

  • For broadcast treatment — reduced the application from 5-10 gallons/1,000 square feet to 2.5-10 gallons/1,000 square feet.
  • For spot treatment — changed the application directions from 5-10 gallons/1,000 square feet to “Thoroughly wet weed surface to point of runoff.”
  • Added Oxalis to the list of pests that Fiesta can be used to suppress or control.

Also new in 2012 is Engage Agro USA’s California-only label for Fiesta and its availability in a smaller, 1-gallon size (see Photo 3).

For Best Results. The best results from Fiesta are obtained when applied in the spring (when weeds are small and growing) or fall (to eliminate many of next year’s weeds) when environmental conditions are cool and there is ample moisture. (Usage tips.)

With Fiesta, lawn care professionals can show their customers that they can use sustainable practices and still provide a healthy, well-managed lawn with a positive impact on the environment:

  • Works quickly — see results in 24-48 hours
  • People and pets can re-enter after spray dries
  • Kills weeds — not lawns
  • No unpleasant odor


*Contact Engage Agro USA for state registrations. **See approved label for use instructions.

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