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Honeybrook, PA 19344

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699 Todd Road
Honeybrook, PA 19344

Turf Teq has introduced a dethatching kit for the 1305BR Power Broom. The 47" wide brush makes it one of the most productive dethatchers on the market. Easily adjustable brush pressure, brush depth and brush angle allow the operator to match turf conditions while windrowing the thatch for quick cleanup. These features also make the Power Broom ideal for striping turf, spring cleanup in lawns and installing "in-filled" synthetic turf. The Power Broom features a hydrostatic transmission, differential lock and 13-hp Honda engine. The multiuse capability allows the Power Broom to be converted into a Power Edger or a Power Rake.

Key Contacts
David Rera
Customer Service/ Tech Support
James Day
General Manager
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