Pearl Valley Organix

Pearl City, IL 61062

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968 South Kent Road
Pearl City, IL 61062
Phone:(815) 443-2170
Fax:(815) 443-2324

Dave Thompson, a former school teacher, founded the company and it all began with chickens. He began raising hens at his family farm, which they say is now one of the only self-sustaining egg farms. Thompson later had the idea of using the large amounts of chicken litter as fertilizer. The company offers a microbe-rich fertilizer, which is produced through a natural aerobic composting process. There are no accelerates used, nor is the compost heated. 

For landscape, lawn and garden and golf professionals Pearl Valley Organix offers Healthy Grow Pro, which provides soil with nutrients and organic material to promote healthy turf. The product is all natural and is also idea for contractors who are renovating or constructing landscapes. The company also offers healthy grow for acidic plants, roses, flowers, promoting early garden growth and more.  


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