Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care

Auburn, NH 03032

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15 Dartmouth Dr.
Auburn, NH 03032
Toll Free:1-603-587-0384

Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care is based in New Hampshire, and they provide seasonal, do it yourself, four or six step organic lawn care program to customers all over The United States. Fire Belly says that they are leading the way in converting turf care programs from the chemical processes to a natural approach. Fire Belly says that it is dedicated to providing effective environmentally responsible products that address soil biology. The products work by feeding the soil through the introduction of select beneficial microbial species allowing them to facilitate the natural processes inherent to healthy plant growth. For contractors who use their products, they offer technical support. Fire Belly Organic Lawn Care offers a variety of soil microorganisms with natural plant extracts and organic nutrients to create microbial systems. These natural systems simultaneously feed the soil and the plant, which they say, allows plants to grow to their full genetic potential.

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