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Leading herbicide-free technology for controlling weeds moss and algae;

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Foamstream is a patented, cost-effective and efficient solution that has been used across America for over three years including by clients such as NYC Parks, City of Miami, Seattle, Santa Monica and Nassau County, University of Wisconsin Stout, Coastal  Unified School District, Vacaville USD and Los Altos USD along with a large range of other clients from cities, school districts and landscaping companies. Foamstream is a combination of hot water insulated by a biodegradable foam made from natural plant oils and sugars. The foam is applied using their machinery to the weed, covering the plant, trapping the heat on the plant for longer. This leads to the most efficient and effective kill of unwanted vegetation in the herbicide-free space.

Foamstream can also be used to help clean and decontaminate outside spaces including areas of high human touch such as public parks, playgrounds, benches, bus stops, sports surfaces and around buildings and campuses such as hospitals and universities. It has been approved for use as a chemical-free biocide in North America and proven to help reduce the transmission of harmful pathogens such as viruses like Hepatitis C along with other viruses, fungi, non-sporulating bacteria.

With many organizations not able to carry out business as usual, we have created a Virtual Demonstration Platform to allow anyone interested in finding out more to have a demonstration of our product, wherever they may currently be. 

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