Highlights of Milwaukee Tool Pipeline 2023

The battery-powered tool and light equipment company Milwaukee Tool included 60-plus new products for its annual #PIPELINE2023 event.

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AC Business Media Staff

Roughly 75 social media personalities from various areas of construction sat in a large room. White curved walls took the perimeter allowing a seamless transition from floor to wall. Soon, the room turned red and sound bites from contractors across the country started the day. Milwaukee Tool's Pipeline annual event returned for August 2023 after going. 

More than 60 tools and light equipment were on display. Later, attendees were given the afternoon to get up close, ask questions, and try the products out themselves. Milwaukee Tool's Pipeline is an "exclusive source of truth for what's new" from the company. The event started 16 years ago as a "New Product Demonstration." According to Milwaukee, "this is just the beginning." 

An admirable statement considering the amount of products the company has put forth in the last decade. 

For Milwaukee Tool, it's about people and culture. Speak to any representative of the company and you'll find both. They'll be celebrating 100 years in business next year (2024), but 18 years ago marked a significant turn. Milwaukee Tool was 207 people. Today, there are more than 9,000 team members in the U.S. with 18 facilities.

Products were grouped by core trade categories: General Contracting, Electrical, Power/Utility, Pluming, Mechanical & HVAC, Landscaping & Tree Care, Automotive & Equipment Maintenance, and Carpentry & Remodeling. 

New products included new products on the M12, M18, MX FUEL lines, as well as the brand-new FORGE battery platform.

A New Battery

20230808123703CroppedWith 2022's addition of the M12 HIGH OUTPUT, Milwaukee continued to aim its focus on replacing small engine gas motors. "You're going to see us continue that journey," says Paul Fry, executive vice president of product management. "A journey that does not end."  

The big "star" of the day was the new workhorse battery, FORGE. Based on the MX FUEL REDLITHIUM line, Milwaukee Tool says that its FORGE will deliver "the most power, fastest charging, and longest life batteries in the industry." 

"This is the work of over 150+ engineers designers, quality managers, [and] product managers that are laser focused on driving technology to continue to make you more productive on the site," says Andrew Lentz, vice president of product management. Lentz is responsible for Milwaukee Tool battery and charger technology. 

FORGE will launch will XC8.0 and HD12.0 batteries along with a SUPERCHARGER that should be capable of recharging REDLITHIUM HD12.0, XC8.0, XC6.0 and XC5.0 batteries to 80% in 45 minutes or less. (Reportedly over two times faster than their prior generation charger.)

Engineers reassessed every component in the REDLITHIUM battery pack with the goal of improving performance, durability, and life. MX FUEL REDLITHIUM FORGE feature a tabless cylindrical cell technology that shortens the distance energy has to travel which significantly lowers resistance, allowing it to get more current out of the system (power) as well as run cooler.

The battery also includes an advanced laser welding process to connect the well straps to the cell to improve the thermals with a better connection and improve vibration protection - allowing the battery to run a plate compactor or a 6 hp full size cut off saw, for example. Even more protection comes from an over mold wrapping to protect from day-to-day abuse. 


Check out just a handful of the highlights in this playlist featuring a walk-around of the FORGE battery and SUPERCHARGER, MX FUEL Plate Compactor, MX FUEL 14 in. Cut Off Saw with new Rapid Stop safety technology, M18 FUEL SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer, MX FUEL 4 in. Green Concrete Saw, a walk-through of the latest in Packout Modular Storage, the BOLT Helmet and accessory line, MX FUEL 24 in. Walk Behind Edging Trowel, NEW QUIK-LOK attachments, M18 FUEL Blower, M18 FUEL 17 in. Dual Battery String Trimmer, and M18 Telescoping Pole Pruning Shears in the playlist below.

60+ Products

In total, PIPELINE 2023 included the following, some of which have already been announced but keep watch for official releases with more details as they come available. 

Landscaping & Tree Care

  • QUIK-LOK Attachments
  • M18 Brushless Telescoping Pole Pruning Shears
  • M18 FUEL Telescoping Pole Saw
  • M18 FUEL 17 in. Dual Battery String Trimmer
  • M18 FUEL Blower
  • M18 FUEL Dual Battery Backpack Blower

General Contracting

  • DIAMOND ULTRA Segmented Blades
  • M18 Red Exterior Dual Slope Rotary Laser & M18 Red Exterior Rotary Laser
  • M18 Green Interior Rotary Laser Level Kit with Remote/Receiver & Wall Mount Bracket
  • M18 FUEL 1 1/4 in. SDS Plus D-Handle Rotary Hammer with ONE-KEY & M18 FUEL HAMMERVAC 1 1/4 in. Dedicated Dust Extractor
  • MX FUEL 36 in. Walk-Behind Trowel
  • MX FUEL 24 in. Walk-Behind Edging Trowel
  • MX FUEL 20 in. Plate Compactor
  • MX FUEL 4 in. Green Concrete Saw

Batteries, Chargers & Power Supplies

  • M18 and MX FUEL Super Chargers
  • ROLL-ON 7200W/3600W 2.5kWh Power Supply

...It's Not Over

The products announced and seen during this year's PIPELINE aren't the end. As they said in their opening presentation, this is just the beginning. There's more to come from Milwaukee Tool, for sure. 

We'll be sure to keep watch for as more of the products, tools, and light equipment Milwaukee Tool are known for continue to be announced from here until PIPELINE 2024.