Briggs & Stratton Expanded Vanguard Batteries

Briggs & Stratton brings newly established Vanguard electrification business unit with an expanded lineup of battery products.

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Briggs & Stratton
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Briggs & Stratton brings newly established Vanguard electrification business unit with an expanded lineup of battery products. This comes as off-highway equipment industries, like the turf market, are embracing the many benefits of electrification including lower emissions, less maintenance and reduced noise levels. Vanguard is introducing three new commercial battery options: the 3.5kWh* Diecast Commercial Battery, 5kWh* Diecast Commercial Battery and the 7kWh* Diecast Commercial Battery.

“For other power providers, electrification may still be a buzz term or a conversation point, but Vanguard has been steadily investing in and growing our offerings in battery power for years,” says David Frank, VP of electrification at Briggs & Stratton. “We continue to use our proven application expertise to push the boundaries of what’s possible for electrified equipment while working to make our batteries the toughest, safest and most reliable solution on the market. With the newly established electrification business unit and the launch of these latest battery products, we are solidifying our role as a leader in off-highway electrification and the power solutions provider of choice for OEMs around the world.”

Features include:

  • The Lithium-Ion 1.5kWh* Swappable Battery Pack is engineered to provide users with an efficient, versatile and reliable battery power option. The battery’s exchangeable design allows customers to swiftly swap freshly charged packs from application to application, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • The batteries all feature a diecast casing design that adds rigidity and reduces vibration and shock response from the pack.
  • The modular design of the new commercial batteries empowers OEMS to confidently integrate battery power into a wider range of applications.
  • The batteries utilize advanced Lithium-Ion chemistry and technology to ensure reliable performance and feature a 2,000 cycle lifespan with virtually no maintenance.
  • All three battery packs will be available for order in January 2023 and offer a total solution with the battery, charger and Battery Management System that monitors voltage and temperature to assure safe and efficient operations.
  • With the addition of the new batteries, Vanguard now offers a competitive range of battery power solutions including 1.5kWh*, 3.5kWh*, 3.8kWh*, 5kWh*, 7kWh* and 10kWh* options.
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