Top Apps for Landscape Contractors

Check out these mobile apps to help you manage many aspects of your landscape company.

In managing crews, materials and job sites, there are several apps available to help keep you organized and informed. Consider adding the following apps to your smartphone or tablet for a productivity boost.


The free Accuweather app keeps you informed of the current and future weather events that could impact planning for your crews. Push notifications alert you for severe weather in your area, and live radar is also available. A customizable My AccuWeather offers forecasts for specific health concerns and outdoor activities. Categories like Respiratory Health and Do-It-Yourself could help contractors plan their projects around the weather and safety. Current news and weather videos are available, many in both English and Spanish. Forecasts update every 15 minutes with information for the next 15 days.


Turfpath is a mobile app that assists with the visual identification of turfgrass pests. It hosts a database of diseases, insects and weeds with a description and image gallery to aid in identification. Turfpath is also integrated with various social networks and allows users to share their own images for help from others in troubleshooting the cause and help with tracking infestation trends.

iScape Apps           

The iScape Elite and HardScape Apps from iScape helping you to preview your landscape and hardscape options portably before starting the work. A large database of images allows you and your customers to visualize the finished product before breaking ground. The apps are free to download, but require an Auto-Renewable Subscription to activate the software. You can view and manage all the layers of the design easily, with several editing and enhancement tools within the app.

Landscape & Garden Calculators

Landscape & Garden Calculators from Sidetop Software provides 41 landscape and garden calculators and estimators. The app does cost a small fee of $4.99, but offers tools for many types of calculations based on feedback from professional users. You can use it to calculate time, materials and expenses.

Landscaper's Companion

The Landscaper’s Companion has several features for plant education and client management. The app has a searchable database of over 26,000 plants with over 21,000 images. The app also allows users to create projects for managing client plant lists, add their own images/plants, and keep notes on plants. Data can be synched between the website, iPhone, and iPad with a data-sync subscription.

TripLog - GPS Mileage Tracker

The TripLog - GPS Mileage Tracker uses GPS technology with an auto-start feature to track mileage. Turn on GPS, plug in to power, and drive at a speed more than 5mph and it automatically tracks the trip. Data is backed up daily and can be used to calculate vehicle fuel efficiency. The app also offers the ability to capture printed receipts with your camera and easily store to Amazon cloud.