Three-pronged Coaching Approach Helps Contractors at All Stages

GreenMark Consulting Group rolls out new platform that comprises one-on-one consulting, virtual coaching and live workshops—whatever the contractor prefers most.

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GreenMark Consulting Group specializes in helping landscape and snow removal companies see through challenges and map out operational and growth strategies. Steven Cohen, principal, says he has recognized that many contractors are looking for business assistance, but can have greatly varying needs, budgets and learning preferences. That’s why he has developed a three-pronged approach to his consulting platform.

One-on-one assessment. For the past several years, the entry point into GreenMark's services was an in-depth organizational assessment. "This is where we physically visit the company to take a holistic look from the inside," Cohen explains. "This outsider's perspective can be very important for certain companies looking to accomplish certain things. We're examining organizational, cultural and operational mannerisms—trying to identify what is and isn't working, along with where and how positive changes can be made. The end result is the creation of a 12-month roadmap for that company."

For owners who feel like their companies are growing but they just don't have control over certain elements of their operation, this organizational assessment can be a very valuable tool. But it also comes with a price tag due to the time, travel and overall thoroughness involved. Some contractors will find that it falls outside of their budget, or that it is simply too overwhelming. They need help, but in bite-size increments. They also need ongoing support.

Online coaching site. "This is why we've created a new coaching platform called Landscape Business Success," Cohen says. "Sometimes a contractor just needs a reliable sounding board. We have reviewed and even helped create estimates and proposals for contractors. We have sketched out landscape designs. The point is that we want to be there as a resource, just an email or phone call away."

Pricing is tiered based on the level of support one needs, which is largely based on a company's revenue level. Packages range from roughly $100 to $500. Visit to take a look.

Live workshops. A third entry point into GreenMark's consulting services is the Landscape Business Boot Camp. "This is a one-day, interactive workshop that provides an overview of the four core elements of a landscape company: guiding the business, running the business, getting the business, and doing the business," Cohen says. "We held two last year that were well-attended. We're putting together six or eight more over the next several months.” Visit for a look.

Toolbox Kits have recently been added to the Boot Camp platform. The Kits align with the four core elements mentioned above. For example, under the core of "guiding the business," many landscape contractors do not have a clearly defined mission, vision or values statement. The Toolbox Kit provides an eight-page chapter that walks the contractor through this process. Another example falls under the core of "running the business." A 20-page chapter helps the contractor prioritize, develop and implement key work processes.

"Work process are so important to a growing landscape company," Cohen says. "But the reality is that many do not want to invest the time to develop the processes—because they are already so strapped for time. Our philosophy is to keep it simple, and help the contractor develop the necessary processes for the size and stage his company is at. Then they can grow from there.”

Toolbox Kits are available to Landscape Business Boot Camp attendees, but are also available for purchase by any contractor who would find them useful.

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