Weber VPR 700 Paver Roller: Inside the Toolshed

The Weber VPR 700 paver roller minimizes dust from compacting polymeric jointing sands, the EGO Z6 zero-turn mower features a 3-in-1 function including mulching, bagging, side-discharge and more product introductions you may have missed.

VPR 700 Paver Roller
VPR 700 Paver Roller

Manufacturers are continually developing new products and further enhancing their offerings to provide landscapers with solutions that will best fit their equipment designs and customer needs.

Every two weeks we’ll provide an overview of the some of the latest products which have entered the landscaping equipment market to help you find what you need for your next project.

EGO Z6 Zero-Turn Mower

"We challenged ourselves to reconsider conventional thinking and transform the category. After more than six years of research, development, lab-testing and field-testing, we’re proud to announce the Z6 has arrived and I believe consumers will say it was well worth the wait. The low-profile design and advanced technology are true stand out features not found on any other product in the industry and the comfortable seat and durable, weather resistant construction are designed for long term use" - Joe Turoff, Chief Marketing Officer.

Features of the EGO Z6 Zero-Turn Mower include:

  • Four independent brushless motors
  • Adjustable seat suspension
  • Cutting height adjustments from 1.5-4.5 in.
  • 3-in-1 function: mulching, bagging, side-discharge
  • 32 LED lights front, side, and rear

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Oregon Trimmer Line

Per the company’s press release about the release of the trimmer line, Magnum Gatorline Trimmer Line is ideal for professionals who need long-lasting, powerful tools to get the job done right. It quickly and easily cuts through low grass and grass-like weeds yet is durable enough to tackle sizable brush without breaking. This trimmer line is less likely to bond together in the trimmer head due to its weld-resistant outer layer. .095" diameter trimmer line is an ideal fit for many string trimmer models.

Magnum Gatorline is compatible with most trimmer head systems including fixed-line, semi and automatic bump-feed heads. Additionally, it fits most gas, electric and battery-powered curved and straight shaft string trimmers.

Features of the Oregon Trimmer Line include:

  • Full trimmer line assortment for any cutting condition: heavy weeds, low grass, dry vegetation, and more
  • Line available in .065, .080, .095, .105, .118, .130, .155, .170 in. gauges
  • Square, round, and twisted-shaped trimmer lines available
  • All trimmer lines use durable and long-lasting polymers, which means the line lasts longer

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Mecalac AS900tele

Per the company’s press release announcing the release of the AS900tele to North America. The machine is compact provides game-changing versatility on the jobsite. The 22.2 gpm (84 l/min) auxiliary hydraulics further increase flexibility, allowing use with a range of attachments, including mowers, road sweepers and earth augers.

“When you rely on one machine for each task, a jobsite can end up looking more like a parking lot,” said Peter Bigwood, general manager for Mecalac North America in Mecalac’s press release about the AS900tele. “Reducing the need for additional equipment and streamlining the jobsite is at the heart of Mecalac’s design philosophy, including the AS900tele. It’s good for the contractor, the client and the environment.”

Features of the Mecalac AS900tele include:

  • Lifting height of 15.5 ft. and outreach of 11.5 ft.
  • Carrying capacity of 5,004 lbs. at full extension
  • Three steering options: 2 and 4-wheel and crab

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Weber VPR 700 Paver Roller

The VPR 450 rolls gently over the material working the polymeric sand into the joints and ensures it fills the joints fully right down to the bedding layer. This prevents the slabs or paving stones from shifting, cracking or chipping.

This machine is designed for larger slabs and pavers that are non-tumbled with smooth surfaces, have clean lines or have chamfered edges that can sometimes chip or crack easily if using a traditional tamper for final compaction over the pavers.

Features of the Weber VPR 700 Paver Roller include:

  • Optimal weight distribution across PU rollers
  • Prevents shifting, cracking and chipping
  • Minimizes dust from compacting polymeric jointing sands
  • Rubber-coated rollers protect the surface of the installed material

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Graze Autonomous Commercial Mower

The evolution of the first Graze fully autonomous, electric lawn mower expands the design increasing efficiency and maintenance speed for mid-to-large sized commercial lawns. Its design also enhances cutting blades to perfect trim precision, adds new sensor capabilities to increase safety, improves GPS based mapping and computer vision, while optimizing intelligent and applicable insights through advanced machine learning capabilities. 

“We are living in new era of artificial intelligence that stands to transform age-old industries,” said John Vlay, CEO for Graze Mowing. “Robotics and automation open up a world of efficiency, and when you apply intelligence, traditional models can be completely re-imagined.”

Features of the Graze Autonomous Commercial Mower

  • Sensor capabilities to increase safety
  • GPS-based mapping and computer vision
  • Able to apply data to further improve aesthetic quality and efficiency
  • Removable cutting deck

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