How Landscape Companies Can Improve Social Media Engagement

5 rules to help improve how you interact with social media audiences

More and more landscaping and lawn equipment companies are using social media to promote their businesses, but most continue to lack a clearly thought-out strategy. They get caught up in the numbers game; how many followers and fans they have. Social media marketing experts, though, agree that it's not just about the followers—it's about how interested and engaged they are.

Here are some basic rules to live by when devising and executing a social media marketing strategy, courtesy of Ben Laube, president and founder of POLR Marketing.

1. Recognize the Investment

Unlike a website, where you can technically set it up and leave it be (though you shouldn’t), social media definitely has to be updated on a consistent basis. There’s nothing worse than researching a company on Facebook, for example, and seeing that their last post was in 2012.

2. Quality vs. Quantity

While it’s important to post regularly, the quality of content will always trump a handful of meaningless posts. Posting useless information or links over and over will not earn engagement. Take the time to find a piece of content that provides benefits, insights and value to your audience. Here are five quick tips to help you do just that:

  • Engage your followers with contests, questions, comments, provoking thoughts, etc.
  • Everyone likes a winner, so showcase where you and your fans are winning. This would provide positive, encouraging content that everyone wants to see.
  • Integrate your social media with your website and encourage participation.
  • Give away free stuff! Providing a free product or service to your loyal customers who follow you on social media is a great way to get feedback and keep them loyal.
  • Plan ahead. Strategize about your audience and create a long-term social media plan to make sure you stay on track with your goals.

3. Don't Talk About Yourself Too Much

While it technically is your page, no one wants to listen to “me, me, me” on a regular basis. A healthy ratio for posting content is roughly 40% self-promotion (your products, services, events, news, etc.) and 60% interesting and engaging content from outside sources. Think of this scenario: If you’re at a cocktail party and you’re talking with a person who is solely talking about him or herself, how interested and invested in the conversation are you? Probably not much at all.

4. Listening Is Key

It’s not enough to just post content. The monitoring of the posts, comments from users and suggestions will decide the fate of a social profile. Customers love social media because it gives them a voice. But what good is that voice if no one is listening? Monitor your profiles and respond back to your followers.

5. Personalize Interactions

When interacting with your followers, personalize your responses so they know you care. Rather than posting canned responses, personalizing them lets you create a closer bond between your brand and your followers while expressing gratitude and authenticity.

Ben Laube is president and founder of POLR Marketing, a growth-marketing technology company. Through the use of content writing, pay-per-click, ethical SEO practices, web design and development graphic design, and strategic planning, POLR Marketing offers the services you need to help grow your business to the next level. To learn more about POLR Marketing, visit or call POLR Marketing at (407) 712-4836.