The Five Top Landscaping Design Apps

Take advantage of the technology trend by using helpful apps for design and inspiration in your landscaping jobs.

The technology trend is here to stay, and now landscapers can take advantage of it. Landscaping apps can offer ideas and starting points for ideal designs or provide access to thousands of different plant types—all at the touch of a finger. Featured in an article on Handy Gardeners, are these five top apps for landscaping design and information.  

Rated as one of the best iPhone landscaping and garden design service apps. It features a large collection of lawn furniture, accents and hardscaping. After selecting different additions, you can drag and drop to see how the landscape would fit together.  

This features a contemplation of over 20,000 types of plants. The search feature allows you to put in the environmental conditions and yard attributes of specific areas along with desired flower color scheme, bloom time, height and spread. The app than generates a list of suitable plants for that location. Along with names and pictures of the plants, it also provides information like how often they should be watered, what the appropriate amount of sun is, ideal environmental setting and the growth rate.

This Android app gives information not only about the plants, but for the zones they should be planted in as well. Even when placing plants that may be unknown to the landscaper, app provides excellent step-by-step instructions for installation.

This is a great app for inspiration. It will provide you with different sets of plants and ideas about how to implement them in landscapes, it also provides information on the upkeep and maintenance needed for each plant. There is also a plant zone feature which you can use to see if the plants that you’re selecting are compatible to that environment.  

And last, but not least, the Patio Designs app will give you quite a bit of ideas about how you can craft patio designs. Get ideas from provided photos of some of the most remarkable and brilliant patio designs.