Cuts for Cancer: Metro Detroit Landscape Contractors Cut Lawn for Cancer Patients

The landscape contractors started a program called Cuts for Cancer to help sick people in the community out.

WXYZ Detroit
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It’s an inspirational story—two men, competitors in business, putting money aside, and donating time, energy and services for the greater good.

In Livonia, Michigan, it’s not uncommon to hear the familiar whir of a weed whacker or lawn mower from Red Oak Lawn Care or Infinity Land & Landscaping. What may seem unusual is the two owners’ refusal to take payment from a handful of their customers.

“At first I protested,” said Joe Saylor, a customer who is getting lawn services every Thursday without paying a dime. “I said, ‘I didn’t call you guys to get a freebie,’ and they said, ‘No, it’s just what we do.’”

Back in January, Saylor couldn’t kick a cough. He thought something was wrong, but wasn’t prepared for the word uttered by his ear, nose and throat doctor: cancer.

Millions of people live in the U.S. with cancer. The latest statistics show that more than 1 million will be diagnosed this year, between existing and new cases, more than 600,000 will likely die.

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