Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222

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LandOpt helps business owners achieve financial goals through coaching, training and peer interaction. The company provides proven systems and processes for all areas of a business.

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650 Smithfield Street, Suite 750
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15222
United States

LandOpt works exclusively with independent landscape contractors, providing proven systems and processes in all areas of a business: sales and marketing, operations, human resources and business systems. LandOpt says it helps business owners achieve financial goals through a long-term, whole-business approach to improving productivity that includes regular coaching visits, training and peer interaction. After implementing LandOpt, contractors with the LandOpt Network report having greater control over their business while reducing the number of hours they work to achieve their success. LandOpt contractors operate in exclusive territories and, as part of the LandOpt Contractor Network, enjoy a genuine peer networking experience. LandOpt contractors are located across the United States and, while unique in their offerings and areas of specialty, share common ground in all other aspects of their business operation and management because of the LandOpt System.

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