Sprint Fleet Services

Company Details

Sprint is an industry leader in M2M and embedded solutions. As a trusted partner for business customers in need of M2M resources and expertise, Sprint provides a comprehensive set of solutions and support services to help companies design, deploy and maintain M2M-based products and services.

Sprint offers:

  • Extensive M2M experience, with testing of hundreds of devices with industry-leading partners
  • Customized solutions to fit your specific needs
  • A dedicated M2M team to support you through the design, setup, installation and ongoing use of your solution
  • A strong service mind-set and an exceptional customer experience, including high standards of reliability and easy setup and operation

Sprint’s M2M Solutions are perfect for the following industries/positions:

  • Delivery managers can optimize routes, monitor idle time and view worker location at any time for reduced fuel costs and increased productivity. By adding mobile connectivity, drivers can save time by collecting payments, fi ling reports and accessing information in near real-time.
  • Job site managers can instantly see location of workers, have verifiable records of time and keep track of expensive equipment, resulting in greater safety and security, compliance and billing accuracy and less equipment loss. 
  • Service and repair can improve response times, safety and customer satisfaction through better dispatch. Plus, adding a mobile hotspot can enable workers to fi le reports and access critical information online.
  • Mobile workers such as case workers, inspectors and sales people can get connected with a mobile hotspot to fi le reports on the go. Managers can track the location and movements of their teams for greater safety, especially of lone workers
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