Finding Stability and Diversification in Generator Sales and Service

Acreage Mobile Small Engine specialized in outdoor power equipment but eventually took on home standby generators to help stabilize business.

Many dealers search for ways to diversify their business in order to stay successful and profitable all year long. Sometimes that diversification can open you up to a completely new customer base searching for the products you now provide.

Acreage Mobile Small Engine in West Palm Beach, FL, was founded in 1994 and incorporated in 1999. They specialized in outdoor power equipment, but eventually took on home standby generators manufactured by Briggs and Stratton for General Electric to help stabilize the business.

“I took on the home standby generators in 2005. When the recession hit and the yard and garden market suffered, many dealers failed when they didn’t diversify or change fast enough,” says owner Robert Walker. “The home standby generators were easy to integrate into our existing repair services.” Walker sells, installs and services the standby generators.

Mobile Generator Service

Walker said he saw where the industry was headed and wanted to offer another profitable product they could service. As power equipment sales fell flat, the generators continued to bring sales. Even better, he started offering mobile repair service that brought in more work and more profits.

“The money has always been in repair. The mobile guys were called shade tree mechanics and looked down upon, but getting a service truck a year and a half ago was the best thing I did,” says Walker. “The consumer wants the convenience. What other dealers may charge for pickup and delivery covers the cost of a service call for us.”

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