Rotary Corporation

Glennville, Georgia 30427

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Rotary Corporation supplies outdoor power equipment parts, tools and accessories.

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P. O. Box 747
Glennville, Georgia 30427
United States
Phone:(912) 654-3433
Fax:(912) 654-3945

U.S. Distribution Centers: Glennville, Ga. • Evansville, Ind. • Richmond, Va. • Albany, N.Y. • Columbus, Ohio • Dallas, Texas • Fresno, Calif.

International Distribution Center: Hornbach, Germany serving 75 countries worldwide

Manufacturing Facilities: Glennville, Ga. • Reidsville, Ga. • Phoenix, Ariz.

Products Manufactured: Lawn mower and edger blades, trimmer line and air filters. Approximately 80 percent of Rotary’s complete line of parts is manufactured in the U.S.

Blade Production: More than 12 million blades are manufactured annually and certified under the ISO 9000 Worldwide Quality Standard.

Products Distributed: More than 9,500 different parts, tools and accessories for outdoor power equipment. From commercial strength mower and edger blades to heavy duty duty belts, trimmer line, chain saw parts, filters, tune-up kits and carburetors.

Founded in 1957, Rotary operates eight U.S. distribution centers, plus alternate shipping centers, strategically located throughout the USA. A manufacturing and distribution facility is located at its world headquarters in Glennville, Ga.

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