Shootout Leads to Propane Tank Explosion

A landscape company’s propane tank was punctured and exploded during a shootout between one suspect and five police officers.

A suspect was killed and four officers injured after a shootout that ended with a propane tank explosion. Police located the subject—who had fled on-foot after striking an officer and waving a firearm—near Signature Landscaping Services Inc., in Kent, WA. The victim opened fire on officers who then returned fire. A bullet—the source of which has not yet been determined—struck and punctured a large propane tank behind the business. 

According to Det. Melanie Frazier, it was possible that a second bullet hit the previously punctured tank, igniting the explosion that left four of the five officers with artificial burns. None of the officers were shot during the incident. The officers were transported for medical help and were considered in stable condition the same day. The suspect was killed.

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