Partying Frat Boys a Growing Market for Landscaping Services

Indiana landscape company cashes in on party clean-ups.

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There is high-end residential estate maintenance, and then there are markets like this. So long as the client is willing to pay your price, who cares, right?

According to a piece in the Indiana University student newspaper, a family-owned, multi-service landscaping company in Bloomington, IN, has found a nice little niche: cleaning up after frat house parties. Cleaning up debris and pool water, and hauling away sand and other party props, are helping this company log several highly profitable hours per event. And the client is willing to pay what he asks. “I’m making good money on it, so it’s worth it to me,” the contractor relates. “It’s really just like any other job.”

In the past, fraternity pledges were often tasked with cleaning up after outdoor parties. But the anti-hazing movement subliminally discouraged practices like that.