Landscapers Join Trump Protesters Looking to Send a Message

In an attempt to send a message to the president, landscapers stood with protesters in support of the H-2B program.
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As President Donald Trump passed through Ohio on his way to an appearance in Richfield on Thursday, a group of protesters rallied at a nearby town square, trying to send a message to his motorcade.

More than 50 people stood in the rain, holding signs and banners as the convoy passed by. Across the street, a group of the president’s supporters gathered. Some of them shouted taunts to the group across the street. Others quietly held banners and flags, hoping to get a glimpse of the president.

A group of landscapers stood with the protesters, holding signs in support of the H-2B program.

Sandy Munley of the Ohio Landscape Association said the guest worker visa allows landscapers to hire people who participate in the program after they have exhausted all efforts to offer those jobs to Americans.

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