How to Plant a Clover Lawn

Clover is becoming popular because it looks magical, and doesn't require fertilizer or as much water as regular lawns.

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You don't have to water or fertilize them as much as regular lawns. Plus, they're magical-looking.

Amy Cox remembers the first time she learned she could grow a lawn out of clovers. "Where has this been all my life?" she mused. "Why is this a secret?"

Cox is a partner at Pro Time Lawn Seed, an alternative lawn business in Portland, Oregon, that sells seeds for clover and other plants to make eco-friendly, low-maintenance lawns. Her company helps not just individuals, but also colleges, cities and states plant unconventional lawns and parks.

Clover is becoming popular because it looks magical, but doesn't require as much care as regular lawns. Since it doesn't need fertilizer or much water, it's also good for the planet. Plus, it's tough.

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