Student Runs Landscaping Business outside Class

Matt Ternullo is a turf grass management and business management double major at the University of Connecticut.

The Daily Campus
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Matt Ternullo, a fifth-semester student at the University of Connecticut, has been managing his own business since his latter years of high school.

Ternullo is the general manager of Ternullo Lawn Care, a landscaping company based out of his hometown Billerica, Massachusetts. Ternullo said the business grew out of a passion he had when he was very young.

“I started it technically when I was 11, but I didn’t have a real business or real customers until I was a sophomore in high school,” Ternullo said. “It started basically with me mowing lawns when I was younger.”

Ternullo, who is a turf grass management and business management double major, said that the combination of the interests that he studies in school has helped him expand his business to reach more audiences.

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