National GreenCare for Troops Awareness Week

Project EverGreen celebrates National GreenCare for Troops Awareness Week June 19-25, 2022.

Green Care For Troops Celebrates Military Families
Project EverGreen

Project EverGreen’s GreenCare for Troops aims to ease the burden on the families of deployed military personnel by providing lawn and landscape services for military families. These complimentary services are provided by professional volunteers for the length of deployment.

Project EverGeen formally recognizes June 19-25, 2022 as National GreenCare for Troops Awareness Week to raise awareness of the program with military families and potential volunteers, encourage eligible personnel to register to receive services and thank current volunteers.

“GreenCare for Troops is more than a program that checks a box and takes care of a necessary service. It has become a transformative experience for both volunteers and recipients,” says Cindy Code, executive director of Project EverGreen. “Not only do our volunteers provide a valued service that relieves a burden for military families, but they are also sustaining a healthy, safe lawn and yard for kids to play and families to unwind in at the end of a stressful day.”

In its 16 years of operation, GreenCare for Troops has provided an estimated $15 million in donated lawn and landscape services and peace of mind to thousands of military families in need across the country.

“I hold a special place for anyone who leaves their family to go to an unknown land to protect the many freedoms we have here,” says Blaine Pinkerton, VP of Turf and Ornamental Sales for Nufarm, the title sponsor for GreenCare for Troops. “National GreenCare for Troops Awareness Week gives us the opportunity to recognize and thank to our military families for their commitment to our country and thank GreenCare for Troops volunteers for their commitment to our military families through lawn and landscape work.”

In addition to caring for the lawns of military families, Project EverGreen has prioritized environmental initiatives by providing green spaces in cities and neighborhoods. The goal is to offset the effects of climate change through plants.

Staying true to the commitment of aiding military families, Project EverGreen also offers a SnowCare for Troops program that provides complimentary snow and ice removal services for families of deployed military personnel.