X1 Landscape Boot Is Keeping Landscapers on Their Feet

Kujo Yardwear focuses on green industry

Kujo X1 Landscape Boot2 Black Green Lifestyle
Kujo Yardwear

Kujo Yardwear recently released a boot specifically designed for landscapers. Kujo’s new X1 Landscape Boot offers landscapers lightweight and breathable boots for all day movement while still maintaining important functionality, safety, and water-resistance.

“We have compared the weight of our boots against dozens of the most popular boots being worn on the job,” Kelsey Martin Kujo’s chief marketing officer. “When it comes to safety-toe boots, you’re going to have a hard time finding one lighter than ours.”Kujo X1 Landscape Boot Black Green LifestyleKujo Yardwear

Kujo credits this achievement to focusing exclusively on the green industry. Knowing exactly how the boots are going to be used and which features would be overkill, they were able to remove a lot of excess weight and focus on optimizing the performance for landscapers who are on their feet all day.

In addition to the X1’s light weight, the other feature that makes them uniquely built for landscapers is the balance of breathability and water resistance.

“Landscapers work in dew and mud, so keeping their feet dry was a must,” recalls Martin. “But they’re also in the sun all day, so we didn’t want to restrict the airflow. While our toe cap is 100% waterproof, the water-resistant mesh sides allow for breathability and heat release which is what really fights fatigue on the job.”