[Podcast] E7: Future Outlook of Electrification in the Off-highway Equipment Industry

Contributing Editor Becky Schultz speaks with David Venable of Cummins Inc. at ICUEE 2019 about trends and the future electrification in the off-highway industry and compact equipment

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At ICUEE 2019,  contributing editor Becky Schultz, talked with David Venable, Director of Off-highway Sub-segment with Cummins Inc. about electrification. The two dove into the topic of electrification in the off-road industry, including current trends and what Venable sees for the future of electrification in the industry.

Venable points out that electrification for earthmoving equipment has been very dynamic but is still on the verge of a major take off. However, the industry is seeing more OEMs experimenting and producing electric equipment, specifically excavators.

Cummins Inc. has been involved in electrification for a decade now, and the company has increased investment in its electrified powered unit.

Listen in to hear everything Venable has to say about the electrificiation of earthmoving equipment now and in the future.