[Grass Roots] E 26: Let's Talk Bobcat R-Series Loaders

Digging into the the toughest, most powerful series of Bobcat models, the R-Series.

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For landscapers working mostly in dirt and on established lawns, a compact track loader or skid steer is an option to consider for a variety of tasks due to each machine’s versatility in the field for excavation, loading, trenching and more. A variety of attachments for different tasks including trenchers, boring units, stump grinders, grapple buckets, dozer blades, pallet forks and more are available. In this special episode of the Grass Roots podcast, Green Industry Pros editor Ryan Whisner talks with Bobcat Company loader marketing manager Sarah Peckskamp about the latest additions to its R-Series product line-up. The Bobcat R-Series Loaders debuted in February 2020 at World of Concrete in Las Vegas and Peckskamp, walks us through the features on the new 60-frame size vertical lift loaders including the T66 model, T64, S64 and S66 models. Let's listen in: