E 37: Magid is Taking Heat Stress Seriously

Magid product management specialist Adrianna Carrera discusses the importance of safety while working in active, hot work environments

Grass Roots Base

Heat stress can be a major issue in  active, hot work environments. Eleven people every day fall seriously ill on the job with heat-related issues. A serious health issue costs employers $53,000 per incident and even worse, can be deadly. To combat these issues, Magid, a manufacturer of PPE innovations, has launched a new product line, Magid Cool Powered by Mission that has patented instant cooling technologies to provide heat relief to everyday workers. In addition, Magid is advancing an initiative to create industrial heat safety protocols to help reduce the number of heat-related illnesses in the workplace and on the jobsite. In this episode of the Grass Roots Podcast, Green Industry Pros Editor Ryan Whisner discusses heat illnesses and Magid Cool with product management specialist Adrianna Carrera.