Recipe for 'Snowblower Non-Surprise' This Thanksgiving

GUEST COMMENTARY: When you break it all down, a well-prepared snowblower is much like the perfectly prepared Thanksgiving meal. Here's how.

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Like the sun rises every morning, Thursday morning, Thanksgiving morning, will arrive just as it promises every year. And the question always is: Are you ready? Mom and dad are there, crazy uncle Joey, and the kids. Like a well-forecasted storm, they will come charging up those front steps with eager eyes and empty bellies.

Just as the predictable Thanksgiving storm approaches, so does the promise of snow. Winter is just around the corner, if not already at your doorstep, which is why you must be sure that your snowblower is properly buttered, stuffed, browned and ready to go.

Gravy = engine oil. Engine oil is the gravy to any snowblower recipe. Engine oil is a crucial ingredient. Without it, your snow blower will be too dry and will break, leaving you snowed in. You can't have Thanksgiving without gravy, and you can't have a properly running snowblower without the right amount and type of engine oil.

Stuffing = shear pins. You can't have Thanksgiving without stuffing either. To a snowblower, the stuffing is the shear pins. Make sure they are all intact or your blower simply won't throw snow.

Cranberry sauce = snowblower belts. It is always good to have a couple extra belts on hand in case of emergency. Similarly, any well-planned Thanksgiving dinner includes some extra cranberry sauce.

Warm pie = hand warmers. What is a Thanksgiving meal without a Thanksgiving dessert? There is no smell like Grandmother's famous apple pie being sliced and served around the table. Just as the warm pie fills your belly, your snowblower hand warmers spread the warmth from your fingertips to your arms. Hand warmers are Grandmother's pies; you can't imagine going a single year without them.

Turkey = snowblower. The snowblower itself, of course, is the most important item of them all: the turkey. No matter how delicious a turkey is, though, it wouldn't work without all of the other dishes next to it. So take care of your snowblower this season and make sure it's ready to go before the first snow falls.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and safe winter!


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