Fisher Engineering HC Heavy Contractor Plows

Straight-blade plows that clear large properties and long roads efficiently

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Fisher Engineering recently launched its HC Heavy Contractor plows for heavy contractor work as well as municipal applications. Other features include:

  • An 11-gauge powder-coated steel blade reinforced with eight vertical ribs in order to handle tough tasks.
  • A height of 34 inches, and widths of 9 or 10 feet, allowing them to clear large properties or long roads efficiently.
  • Compatibility with trucks up to a 27,500-pound gross vehicle weight.
  • An oscillating A-frame for improved scraping and cutting-edge wear.
  • Larger hydraulic rams, pins, gussets and hardware, plus a T-frame design with a massive center pin.
  • Faster hydraulics that are enclosed and protected from bad weather conditions.
  • User-friendly universal control options.
  • The MinuteMount 2 snow-plow mounting system.
  • The SECURITY GUARD anti-theft system.
  • Customization with a range of accessories, including snow deflectors, blade angle stops, shoe kits, cutting edges and more.
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