SnowEx RDV V-plow

Designed for half-ton trucks, the RDV is made with high-strength low-alloy steel, making it stronger than conventional steel

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The SnowEx RDV V-plow includes many of the features found on heavy-duty plows but is specifically designed for half-ton trucks. Constructed of high-strength, low-alloy steel, the RDV V-plow is stronger and lighter than conventional steel and configures to varying vehicle heights for optimum performance on some of the most popular truck models. Features include:

  • Available with either powder-coated or stainless-steel blades.
  •  7' 6" wide as a straight blade or 6' 9" wide in V mode, making it the ideal size for cleaning up smaller jobs and spaces. The RDV V-plow is 26" high in the center and 33" high at the outer edge.
  • Double-acting angle cylinders allow the operator to adjust the wings independently or to lock them together for efficient straight-blade operation and clean back-dragging.
  • Trip edges are included to protect the equipment and operators if an unseen obstacle is struck.  
  •  Automatixx power-assisted attachment system provides self-aligning, allow for easy plow hook-up. Automatixx allows the plow to be connected from one side of the truck.  
  • LED or dual halogen Storm Seeker headlamps.  
  • Standard features include a direct lift system to provide full range of motion for stacking and transport.
  • Accessories include a 10" rubber deflector, shoe assembly kit, AR400 steel curb guard kit, cast iron curb guard kit, ½" steel cutting edge, 1" poly cutting edge, blade stop kit, back drag edge, and the Scrape Maxx down-force kit. The RDV V-plow blades are pre-punched for simplified installation of many accessories.  
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