KAGE WingLine

A way to decrease wing-plow damage

Laser Kit
Kagedefau 10175506

The KAGE WingLine is the latest technology to increase safety of municipal snow plow trucks and reduce wing plow damage to mailboxes, parked cars, and guardrails. The WingLine instantly projects a line in front of the vehicle directing the operator where the trailing edge of the wing plow will be, seconds before the plow actually arrives at the location. Using a simple IP67 switch, mounted on the retract cylinder this system is almost 100% fail-proof. Features include:

  • Universal Suction Cup Mounting inside the cab
  • Standard smart switch is mounted to the lift cylinder of the wing plow, and automatically turns the laser on or off when the wing plow is deployed or retracted by the operator
  • Class IIIR laser is self-contained and maintenance free.
  • Reduces neck strain and helps operator keep eyes on the road
  • Alerts when wing is deploying adding “visibility”

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