BOSS Exact Path Drop Spreader

Prevent Salt Waste, while Protecting Grass and Landscaping

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BOSS Snowplow designed its EXACT PATH drop spreader to precisely drop deicing material while protecting grass and landscaping. The company says the EXACT PATH additionally provides:

  • Variable-speed control and precise application to make quick work of sidewalk jobs, increasing efficiency and profitability for snow and ice contractors.
  • Availability in 2.5- and 6.0-cubic-foot capacities.
  • A stainless steel hopper and frame with a polyethylene cover to keep materials dry and free-flowing.
  • An eight-position adjustable feed gate that allows you to adjust the material discharge amount without tools for extra flow control.
  • A top screen with a bag splitter to easily open bags and filter deicing material.
  • An enclosed 12-volt electric high-torque motor that is weather- and dust-sealed.
  • Three mounting options to fit utility vehicles (UTVs), compact/sidewalk vehicles and tractors.
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