Winter Equipment Vulcan V-Plow System Offers Superior Curb and Edge Protection

Vulcan system is compatible with Western, Fisher and SnowEx plow models

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Winter Equipment offers its Vulcan V-Plow cutting edge system that features Winter Carbide Matrix for superior curb and snowplow cutting edge protection.

Winter Equipment’s Vulcan V-Plow system is a complete system featuring two, 5/8-inch steel cutting edge sections, two nose and two curb PlowGuards made of A22 proprietary steel and high-quality, Grade 8 hardware that inhibits loosening over time.

All the Vulcan steel is reinforced with carbide matrix hard facing weld, increasing cutting edge efficiency, while also reducing damage from rough roads and unseen obstructions.

Additionally, cutting edges and PlowGuards work in tandem to protect and reduce uneven and premature wear, eliminating in-season blade changes and greatly reducing downtime. Slotted mounting holes on the Vulcan nose guards allow for horizontal adjustments and the ability to fit multiple punch patterns. 

Intended for use on city streets and parking lots, the Vulcan system is compatible with Western, Fisher and SnowEx plow models, and additional models are planned.

“Our Vulcan system provides contractors with the same durability and longevity of commercial solutions,” said Kent Winter, founder and CEO, Winter Equipment. “A plow that is broken or damaged is a plow that’s not making its owner any revenue, and in a one-plow operation, that’s fatal. Our Vulcan system can pay for itself in just a couple seasons with greater uptime, while increasing efficiency because of our superior design.”

Winter Equipment’s Vulcan system comes with a satisfaction guarantee, ensuring that if the product’s wear system does not perform or last as long as promised, the company will work with its customers until satisfied. The system comes ready to mount with all parts, hardware, and installation directions. The system can be ordered through Winter’s distributor system or by visiting: