BOSS Snowrator. The Labor Saving and Money-Making Solution.

BOSS Snowrators are maneuverable, multi-tasking, labor-saving solutions designed to make quick work of snow- and ice-covered sidewalks, allowing smaller teams to brine, spread and plow at the same time – maximizing productivity and profitability.

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The Boss Snowrator saves time by allowing operators to brine, spread, and plow at the same time, maximizing on-the-job productivity. 

Snowrator saves on labor, allowing smaller teams to quickly deploy for plowing and de-icing surface areas – in fact, one Snowrator can do the job of multiple shovelers, reducing payroll and maximizing profitability.  

Saving money and increasing productivity is just the start.  Adding Snowrators to your fleet also means:

  • Fewer headaches recruiting hard-to-find seasonal labor
  • Relying less on unpredictable and unreliable labor options. A Snowrator won’t call in sick
  • Feeling confident taking on more sidewalk-heavy contracts

But don’t take our word for it, here’s what contractors around the county are saying: Snowrator replaces three to four guys shoveling, it reduces salt costs by 30 percent and it saves 40 percent on labor costs.