Sno-Way Revolution V-Box Spreader Line

From the RVB1500 with a 1-1/2-cubic-yard capacity to the RVB3000 with a 3-cubic-yard capacity, Sno-Way spreaders can help cover more ground without refilling.

Sno-Way Revolution V-Box Spreader Line
Sno-Way Revolution V-Box Spreader Line.

Sno-Way's Revolution V-Box spreader line offers a 3/4-ton and 1-ton truck salt spreader solution. From the RVB1500 with a 1-1/2-cubic-yard capacity to the RVB3000 with a 3-cubic-yard capacity, Sno-Way spreaders can help cover more ground without refilling. 

The Poly Dual Electric RVB spreaders are built for the professional snow and ice removal specialist. The Revolution Spreader line uses a heavy-duty electric motor with a 1/2-horsepower direct drive gearbox to run the auger. A 1/3-horsepower electric motor and a direct drive gearbox run the spinner. Both motors and drives are fully enclosed so that water and salt do not penetrate.

One harness supplies all of the power from the battery to the hopper, with a water-tight Duetsch connector and seal to connect them. The harness is plug-and-play for accessories with no cutting or splicing required. There are also precut holes in the framing to allow for the wiring to be tucked away and safe from pulls or cuts.

The RVB spreaders are outfitted with a frame with a triple-protection coating. Sno-Way starts with zinc phosphate wash as an initial layer to prevent corrosion. This is followed by an automotive-style E-coat that penetrates the metal, bonding with it electrically to the metal. This primer method prevents rust from ever starting.  Sno-Way complete the process with a military-grade powder coat for a tough exterior.

The inside of the poly hopper walls is designed for maximum flow of the toughest materials to minimize material bridging. The Poly Hopper is mounted on an E-Coat primed and then Powder-Coated custom frame and drive support to give you a spreader that will provide you years of service. 

The Revolution V-Box family has a roto molded perimeter with a ribbed hopper, supported by a custom frame and drive support. The easy on/off stainless steel and roto molded chute has a 16-inch four flute poly spinner to provide long life and spread pattern up to 30 feet. The chute is available in 16 inch short or 29 inch long models. 

Increased Carrying Capacity: All of the RVB line from the 1500 to 3000 is designed to carry more that a cubic yard of material. The RVB1500 is rated to carry up to 1-1/2-cubic-yards of material for a 3/4-ton truck or larger. The RVB2000 is rated to carry up to 2-cubic-yards of material in a 1-ton truck or larger. The RVB2500 can carry 2-1/2-cubic-yards and the RVB3000 is rated for up to 3-cubic-yards. Both of them are rated for a 1-ton truck or larger.

Dual Vibrator Motors: All of these Revolution V-Box units come with two vibrator motors as standard equipment. The vibrator motor easily bolts to the hopper to provide consistent agitation of the spread material for flow to the spinner.

Additional Salt Wetting Capacity: Our RVB1500-RVB3000 units can carry dual salt wetting tanks for even more ice prevention capacity. The specialized 30-gallon Salt Wetting System (SWS30) allows operators to use salt brine, calcium chloride brine, or other branded liquids to wet your salt. The optional system makes for easier distribution in the spreader mechanism and more effective ice melting. It is custom-designed to fit to the Sno-Way RVB spreaders. Its 12-volt DC motor can be controlled manually or using our RS Control. The optional dual tanks keep operators on the road longer.

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