Three Hurt in Movie Theater Leaf Blower Prank

Morons spook movie-goers by revving up leaf blower, three injured when fleeing out of panic.

Ever heard the saying that you “can't yell ‘fire!’ in a crowded theater”? Well, a couple of imbeciles in Newport Beach, CA, cranked it up a few decibels when they stormed into a movie screening while revving a leaf blower. Terrified movie-goers rushed for the exits, resulting in three people suffering minor injuries.

As reported by CBS Los Angeles, witnesses told investigators between two to three male suspects had arranged to open the secured emergency exit door at the front of Theater #3 during a screening of the psychological thriller “The Gift.” One of the suspects entered the theater through the emergency door, holding “some type of loud, handheld machine” later determined to be a leaf blower over his head, police said. The suspect yelled, shook the leaf blower, and revved its engine to create a loud and disturbing noise, witnesses told investigators.

Police say that whether or not it was meant as a prank, it was no joking matter given the recent series of violent episodes in movie theaters nationally.