Vermeer Releases SC48TX Stump Cutter

Vermeer added the SC48TX stump cutter, designed to access residential jobsites with a narrow footprint and low ground pressure.

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Vermeer added the SC48TX stump cutter, designed to access residential jobsites with a narrow footprint and low ground pressure.

“Companies operating this size of stump-cutting equipment previously were limited to mainly gas-powered options," said Josh Vrieze, senior product manager for Vermeer Environmental Equipment. "They expressed interest in a diesel engine choice because the high torque produced will help them work efficiently when cutting below grade."

Details include:

  • Powered by a 48-hp 1.7-liter Cat diesel engine certified to Tier 4 Final/Stage V emissions regulations, the Vermeer SC48TX can cut up to 28 inches above grade and 16 inches below the surface.
  • It features a straight-line cutting width of 65 inches.
  • Low-disturbance tracks provide optimal traction on soft, steep and rocky terrain with low ground pressure and improved stability, requiring minimal job prep before and cleanup afterward.
  • The retractable tracks transform the machine to only 35 inches for navigating narrow jobsites and standard 36-inch gates. Once through the gate, the tracks can be extended to 49 inches for maximum stability.
  • The Vermeer SC48TX is outfitted with the exclusive SmartSweep control system that monitors engine load and provides continuous feedback, resulting in a smooth and consistent cutter wheel sweep rate.
  • Rather than using a bolt to secure teeth to the cutter wheel, the Vermeer Cutting System has a mounting and retention structure that helps keep teeth from shifting in the pocket and absorbs the shearing force while operating. 
  • Two-sided carbide V-profile cutter teeth help optimize cutting performance and can be flipped to the other side of the cutter wheel for an extended wear life.
  • Vermeer designed the SC48TX with a direct-drive system that transfers maximum power to the cutter wheel through a pair of gearboxes.
  • Like other Vermeer stump cutters, the SC48TX is beltless, so users won’t have to think about replacing a belt.
  • A bump start clutch smooths the transition as the drive system gets up to speed.
  • An operator presence system will disengage the cutter wheel and bring it to a stop within seconds if the operator’s hands leave the control.
  • An optional full-function remote control allows operation of the stump cutter without being at the operator’s station, which can maximize visibility.
  • An optional backfill blade has a rounded lower edge to minimize turf damage.
  • In addition to these options, Vermeer offers the Vermeer Confidence Plus asset protection program to provide ongoing service and protect the productivity and value of the Vermeer SC48TX.    


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