[Video] Cat Cogeneration plant delivers power and heat

JMP Flowers uses Cat generator sets to transform their greenhouses with a sustainable process using combined heat and power, with CO2 waste from the engine stimulating flower growth.

JMP Flowers of  Stężyca, Poland recently partnered with Eneria Cat to address an interest in reducing energy consumption and operations costs.

With over 40 years of experience as Europe's largest producer of orchids, the company was focused on addressing energy consumption.

JMP  acquired a Cat CG260-16, producing 4.5 megawatts of electric power, a thermal output of 5.25 megawatts, and total efficiency of over 90 percent.

“Thanks to Cat power solutions, we’ve met our demanding goals for energy costs, which contributes to the dynamic growth of our company,” said Jarosław Ptaszek, chief executive officer of JMP Flowers.

Through high-efficiency cogeneration of electricity and heat from gas fuel, JMP reduced their costs and emissions while producing more oxygen.

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