Jersey Contractor Designs Fallen Heroes Memorial, Outlines Keys to Success in Residential Landscaping

Beechwood Landscape Architecture & Construction designed and oversaw construction of the recently dedicated Fallen Heroes Memorial in Shamong, NJ; says community involvement, response time and flexibility are keys to success in residential landscaping.

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Beechwood Landscape Architecture & Construction of Southampton, NJ, designed and oversaw construction of the Fallen Heroes Memorial in Shamong, NJ, which was recently dedicated in June. The Memorial resides at the Indian Mills Fire Department/Shamong EMS building.

The Memorial highlights a piece of steel of the World Trade Centers which was received from the NJ/NY Port Authority. "The steel is centered and highlighted in a memorial garden to local residents who perished in the World Trade Centers, local emergency squad and fire department members who have given their lives in the line of duty, and lastly, but certainly not least of all, the New Jersey State Troopers who have given their lives in the line of duty while protecting our local towns," says Tim Worrell, part owner and director of production at Beechwood Landscape. "This is the first memorial, outside of the state capital of Trenton, which lends focus to our State Troopers."

It's all about community

Worrell says participating in the creation of the Fallen Heroes Memorial was a great honor. Giving back in general is important to Worrell and the employees of Beechwood Landscape Architecture & Construction.

"One of the major ways Beechwood interacts with the community around us is by volunteering, participating and sponsoring," Worrell says. "For example, each year we sponsor any number of local youth sports teams, whether they be soccer or baseball."

Beechwood's business has been growing by leaps and bounds, Worrell points out. "For cost-effectiveness, we are beginning to focus mainly on our website and social media (blog, Facebook, etc.), rather than print advertising. While we will always use some sort of print advertising, we believe the future is now within the social media sector, as well as word of mouth advertising."

Social media and word of mouth go hand in hand these days. For highly professional, award-winning companies like Beechwood Landscape, this is what keeps the referral engine revving.

Keys to the residential landscaping market

"Beechwood prides itself on its customer service," Worrell says. "I believe the number one key is the response time in returning phone calls and emails—whether they are from current customers or potential clients. Once a timely call is received by the customer, it gives them a sense of relief that they are not just a 'number' or a 'job' to us; they have found a contractor who really does care not only about their clients, but about the work they do and the customer's satisfaction with the work they receive."

Along with response time, Worrell says professionalism, versatility and flexibility are very important in today's business of residential landscaping. "They key aspect to a successful landscape is creative and skilled design, first-class construction, quality plant material, professionalism, and the right equipment from start to finish," Worrell explains.

Beechwood specializes in landscape master planning, paver patios and walkways, custom low-voltage lighting, and plantings. "Our team of landscape architects and designers can respond to every client's needs, and provides available solutions for difficult design problems," Worrell says. "We pride ourselves on providing a full spectrum of services to take a project from the initial design phase to final completion."