5 Ways to Ruin Your Landscaping’s Curb Appeal

See the bigger picture but don’t ignore these little things around a home either.

1. Buying things big. You may feel tempted to have large and impressive plants around your garden and landscape so things will look stunning. “Buying big” may be especially tempting if you have a desire to put up a privacy hedge around your property or somewhere on it. Keep in mind that the price you will pay for such impatience will be pretty high, since larger plants cost quite a bit more than their less grandiose counterparts. And if you don’t have the space, you should not go for it at all, finding a different solution instead that allows you to handle things more efficiently.

2. Overcrowding. Since plants grow, some really fast, you should really consider what you plan on planting and how you want to handle it. Don’t ignore the recommendation to leave some bare spots to accommodate for plant growth. If you do, you will likely find yourself overburdened with plants that grew out of control and need to be dealt with. Keep that in mind as you move forward, paying attention to ongoing maintenance needs such as mowing and trimming.

3. Don’t forget the changing of seasons. A landscape always looks best during certain times of the year, such as May-June in the Midwest and Northeast. But you also need to look toward the other months and what they have to offer. You should ensure you have different plants that bloom and flourish in different parts of the year, unless you want to have a garden that looks boring at best and simply barren at its worst.

4. Don’t neglect exising eyesores. If you have any other issues around the outside of the house—such as cracked concrete, faded and peeling paint or a damaged mailbox—fix them as soon as you can. Yes, your focus is the landscaping. But ignoring these other items can negate some of these landscaping improvements you’re making.

5. Poor furniture solutions. Chances are, you will want to have a nice set of outdoor furniture that fits your needs. But if you really don’t spend all that much time outside, consider having something folding and easily stored instead of things you will rarely sit on out there. Nothing distracts from nice landscaping like dirty, worn-down furniture that birds regularly fly over.

Article provided by Local Landscape Gardeners Chelsea.